Telepractice: How it works

Real-time and Interactive

We are live.  No pre-recorded sessions.

Transforming speech therapy using a secure, up to date high quality video conferencing platform and screen sharing technology providing clients with therapy aids, games and information sharing to motivate and aid in treatment progression.

Equipment needed: High speed internet connection, a device with a camera, speakers, and microphone. 

You are now ready for therapy.  Let's go!!!

Is Telepractice as Effective as In-Person Services?

Telepractice has been used to evaluate and treat people of all ages.  Research has found that this service delivery model is just as effective as face to face and most clients receiving telepractice expressed satisfaction with the services.  Telepractice is supported by the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) because it gives clients more access to speech language pathology services at a distance.  Telepractice may not be for everyone.  It is advised that you discuss with your Speech Language Pathologist whether you or your family member would benefit from telelpractice.